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Now that we have posted pictures of our first child, I thought I should introduce our dog. Nanook has been with us almost three years after having spent the first couple years of her life with several different owners, at least one of whom did not treat her well. She is now a very happy dog and we enjoy having her around. She is an alpha dog and right now, she is third in our “pack” of three. This is coming to an abrupt end…Not only will Nanook be learning her place in the pack behind our first child, but this weekend we have committed to living – for at least 10 months – in one large house with two other families. So, we’re about to increase our pack number to seven with two babies on the way. I’m already teaching Leslie, the 1.5 year-old how to say “no doggie.” Nanook will hopefully come to understand her new place in the pack and continue doing what she does best – sleeping.We are excited to embark on this new adventure of living in close community with other families and know that there will be difficult challenges as well. So, here’s to new adventures…


So, viewing baby via sonogram was wonderful and amazing. The fact that the baby looks like an alien on these things really only throws you for a moment. So, here are Baby B’s very first pictures and the doctor confirmed that it’s a boy. We are so excited and scared as the season of parenthood draws ever nearer. We hope this blog will be a way for our friends and family to catch glimpses into our new life with Baby B.