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I had a wonderful time in Texas with my parents recently. They were thrilled to see E and the extra hands during the day made for a couple of nice long naps for me. We also got to visit with several family members and had a great time catching up and having them meet E. My cousin’s daughter, 8 months old, took to E and decided (probably because all of the adults in the room were encouraging) to give E a kiss. It was fun seeing them together and knowing that E will continue to grow in his interactions with us. He has taken to sucking on his fists and smiles more and more.

We’ll be in PA with C’s parents for several days, then head up to Boston for C’s work and will post more when we return, probably sometime in mid-May.


I am in awe of my friends with multiple children who find time to update their blogs regularly. As a new mom with one child, I somehow have a difficult time figuring out how to make time to brush my teeth. I decided that it was definitely time for another blog update and since my amazing husband often makes it possible for me to nap when he is home during the day, I feel awake enough to post! However, this will be brief because I would really like to go back to sleep (my new favorite way to pass the time). Things in the house are good, my housemate Laura sums it up nicely on her blog. Also, if you feel you have time to spare, please check out my cousin’s baby… I found this extremely cute and funny!

Here are some pics of what has been going on in our lives lately. Easter was fabulous – we had a wonderful feast here at the Oakie house. Craig also got some great pics of the cherry blossoms, which signal spring in DC. I’ve posted some of my favorites.

E’s First Easter
E’s First Easter

Craig and I changed clothes, forgetting we wanted an Easter family photo and decided to take the picture anyway.

We will be seeing Grandma very soon!

The Jefferson

Spring in DC