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It’s been a busy month. First, let me catch up some of you who have been emailing with questions. Regarding the blog, I will be referring to myself as Jane, to C as Lane and to our son as E. It might not make a bit of difference, but it’s just a tiny safety precaution. I try to update the blog as often as possible, which is turning out to be once or twice per month. “I wanna try harder, I wanna do better,” someday perhaps…

For now, we’ve been up to see and spend a week with Lane’s parents. We had a very restful time and Nonny got to spend lots of time at home with E. We celebrated Nonny and Grandpa’s 40th wedding anniversary – congratulations Nonny and Grandpa – by throwing them a surprise party. They were very surprised and really enjoyed the time with family and friends. After our visit with family, we headed up to Boston for a week of training – well Lane had training; E and I just sort of hung out – shopping, visiting the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum (highly recommend this if you’re ever in Boston), and eating out. Lane and I also had our first “date” out to a restaurant. E slept through the whole thing! And, we were able to spend a very enjoyable evening with a good friend at Harvard. We spent the weekend with friends of Lane’s in Vermont. The weather was beautiful – though, Vermont always seems lovely even in mud season – and it was great to see old friends and introduce E to them. What a fun week and also great to get back home for some much-needed stillness and rest.

Today, E and I took Nanook to the vet. I’m certain it goes without saying, but jaunts like said vet visit are much more challenging with a child. No more “sure, I’ll just run in and get that” trips to the store etc. I’m not complaining, just stating the obvious. I will admit I was nervous about going and envisioned baby-in-carrier screaming with screeching/loud barking dog trying to bite various vet staff while they attempt to examine her. However, my fears were (are you really that surprised) irrational and put to rest. Nanook, though a bit anxious, did great and E was a champ just hanging out and chewing (read: drooling) all over the front of the carrier.

When we got home, we enjoyed some tummy time. I took the opportunity to snap some photos of our lovely boy. He is almost 4 months old!

King of Drool
King of Drool
Look at the concentration...
Look at the concentration…
Success!  Superman!
Success! Superman!