Big news – E had his first taste of food this week!  For about a month now, he has been watching us eat very intently, opening his mouth to mimic our actions.  He even seemed to get mad at our family reunion when his cousins got a popsicle and he didn’t.  Fun pictures of his first solid food experience are below along with some fun family shots.  We’re also in the middle of packing – we move this Saturday – but, I don’t have any pictures of that.

Practicing as he sees us readying the bowl and spoon.


First bite…


I’m guessing his thoughts here are something along the lines of, “What!?!  Robbed!  This can’t be all the seemingly yummy stuff I see Mom and Dad eating.”  We fed him oat cereal.


First of many food messes.


Showing off his new push-up move as he gets closer and closer to crawling.


Nanook looking at us as if to say, “this aggression will not stand man.”


Nanook does not like her paws to be touched… oh, Nook, your world is about to change.


Oakie house toddler’s fun Harry Potter glasses.


Nanook, no doubt wishing the glasses actually gave her magic powers to transport her to a family where she is the only “child.”


Good times.