We have been in our new home for two weeks now.  It seems longer for some reason.  So much has happened since we’ve been here: the conclusion of the olympics, one convention down, our requisite post-move trip to Ikea, our first overnight visitor (Nonny!).  It’s been a busy couple weeks.  

I have also had my first “suburban mom” experience (perhaps this has happened to other mothers/women outside of suburbia, but for some reason, it felt suburban to me).  So, I’m in Trader Joe’s and I drop a glass jar of Mango slices that breaks into many pieces on the floor, spilling the contents into a bona fide mess.  I’ve got E strapped on with the Ergo (neither of us were hurt).  Some nearby shoppers come to ask if we’re alright.  Then, over the store’s loudspeaker I hear, “we have a man down in the grocery aisle.”  Nice.  After making sure no one walks into our mess and waiting briefly for the nice Trader Joe’s staff to come clean up our mess, we grabbed a new jar of sliced Mango and headed to the checkout line.  This is where it gets good.  I alert the cashier to the case of wine underneath the cart so it doesn’t get missed as he scans the items in my cart.  He (a young high school/college-aged surfer looking guy) gives me a cheesy smile and says, “Are you sure you’re 21?”  At first, I sort of chuckled and said, “oh yeah” and was reaching for my ID when it suddenly hit me… he wasn’t asking for my ID.  He was joking.  I was pretty much in shock all the way to the car.  Didn’t only “older women” get this kind of stuff.  I mean, it wasn’t too long ago that I was carded every time I purchased alcohol and all of a sudden I’m getting teased about being older??  <SIGH>  I’m over it now, but in that moment it seemed like a big deal, like I had arrived in a new season of life.

Enough about me.  Our new place is great.  It’s very comfortable, lots of tall leafy trees.  There are great paths and trails that connect everything and we have a community garden in walking distance.  I’m going to look into that because we don’t get enough sunlight in our yard to grow much of anything.  I miss the Oakie House garden!  We have several community pools and parks too that E and I will have fun exploring.  One of the most exciting things is that we’re a little closer to the mountains, which I’m hoping will lead to our first family camping trip and more hiking.

Couldn’t post without some pics of E…

Fast hands.

What what what what what what.