I had a wonderful time in Texas with my parents recently. They were thrilled to see E and the extra hands during the day made for a couple of nice long naps for me. We also got to visit with several family members and had a great time catching up and having them meet E. My cousin’s daughter, 8 months old, took to E and decided (probably because all of the adults in the room were encouraging) to give E a kiss. It was fun seeing them together and knowing that E will continue to grow in his interactions with us. He has taken to sucking on his fists and smiles more and more.

We’ll be in PA with C’s parents for several days, then head up to Boston for C’s work and will post more when we return, probably sometime in mid-May.


I am in awe of my friends with multiple children who find time to update their blogs regularly. As a new mom with one child, I somehow have a difficult time figuring out how to make time to brush my teeth. I decided that it was definitely time for another blog update and since my amazing husband often makes it possible for me to nap when he is home during the day, I feel awake enough to post! However, this will be brief because I would really like to go back to sleep (my new favorite way to pass the time). Things in the house are good, my housemate Laura sums it up nicely on her blog. Also, if you feel you have time to spare, please check out my cousin’s baby… I found this extremely cute and funny!

Here are some pics of what has been going on in our lives lately. Easter was fabulous – we had a wonderful feast here at the Oakie house. Craig also got some great pics of the cherry blossoms, which signal spring in DC. I’ve posted some of my favorites.

E’s First Easter
E’s First Easter

Craig and I changed clothes, forgetting we wanted an Easter family photo and decided to take the picture anyway.

We will be seeing Grandma very soon!

The Jefferson

Spring in DC

During our time in Maine, we lived next door to a wonderful family with whom we became close friends. Their two daughters had a unique relationship with our husky Nanook. The girls would often stand on their porch and yell out, “Nu-Nook!” Nanook would run to the front bay window and howl at the girls who would shriek with laughter and delight. Leaving this family was the most difficult thing about leaving Maine. Thankfully, since they too were in DC before, they come to visit and we get to see them. Recently, their dad was in town and delivered a build-a-bear husky (with two hearts) as a gift for baby E. We look forward to E naming the husk when he learns to talk. As you can see, our husky Nanook is looking from behind as if to ask, “hey, who let that other husky in here? I’m top dog in this family.”nook-looks-on.jpg e-and-husk.jpg 

Apparently, E is an early lover of rockin’ out. Okay, so he wasn’t really rockin’ out here, he is sleeping, but he really does some funny stretches and often will sleep with his hands up in the air or on his chest, as if he were very satisfied with himself.

If you really want to know about E’s music taste, I can tell you that Feist and Over the Rhine are favorites, but it seems that he has chosen Ray LaMontagne as his most-favorite. I mean, really, the kid’s taste in music is impeccable… in my humble opinion.

We are currently living with two other families in a large, old, farmhouse in DC. You can visit my housemate’s blog for more eloquent musings about our life together. Our house consists of three families – a professional and a med student; a stay-at-home mom and a full-time grad student with their toddler and newborn; and us, a professional and a stay-at-home mom with our newborn and dog. We share common spaces – living room, dining room, office, and kitchen. We each have our own bedrooms and there is an extra room that doubles as nursery and guest room. We signed a 10-month lease in case things didn’t go well; however, so far, we have faired better than I expected. We have just come through our hardest time yet… one housemate in and out of the hospital, and the babies – originally due one month apart – arriving within 48 hours of one another. The house was full of relatives and friends in and out for about one month, with some overlap of guests, and half of the house essentially resting in their rooms. Not only did we make it through this time, but I believe we really came together and supported one another the best we could – by helping and by giving each other space. Our house is settling back into more of a rhythm and I believe we are all feeling the lightening of the load.

As I mentioned, our babies arrived within 48 hours of one another. They are not exactly playing ball in the backyard together yet, but they do enjoy some of the same activities like eating and sleeping. We were able to catch them together one recent afternoon and get some pics. It was so funny – they would fall together, then apart. Clearly, they are still working on the fine art of sitting up.



Our house toddler, Lil L, hanging with the boys


Today is C’s birthday. He is the most amazing husband and father! Happy birthday C! I love you!

E is so blessed to have four wonderful grandparents who *love* him!!g-ma-p.jpgGrandma P  g-pa-p.jpg  Grandpa P  nonny.jpg Nonnyg-pa-b.jpg Grandpa B

E fans wait no more… here are some pics of our growing boy, now weighing a whopping 9 lbs. 6 oz!  (And, sorry these images seem so huge… I’m still trying to figure out this whole blogging thing.) 

E’s first bath – a success!

E’s Aunt L made him this REALLY cool hat!!

We had E circumcised today. I cried way more than he did. Here is a more recent pic.e-in-lap.jpg 

dsc_0401.jpgBaby E arrived early! C really wants me to post a birth story… that will come in a while when I have more time to post. For now, know that he is here and we are so blessed by him.